Friday, December 7, 2007

Romney Speech

I liked what my husband had to say about the Mitt Romney speech...

"Speaking post Romney speech, I thought that he gave a very moving speech. It was a magnificent reminder of the role religious faith must play in government and public policy. If nothing else, I hope people not of the Mormon faith saw that Mitt is a man who will be true to his beliefs in spite of any power or position that could be gained by denying them. That he will act on faith because this country was founded and built on the principals of faith. And most importantly he will fight to keep God in the forefront of our countries political landscape."
-Ryan Douglas Lee (smart man with cute bum).

I personally don't think the speech will boost Romney in the poles--people who don't like Mormons are not likely going to change their minds--but I thought the speech was well-said and important.

Mitt Romney represented our faith well.

I am glad that Romney did not address specific doctrine. I don't think it would have been appropriate for him to do so. But I hope his speech prompts people to do some research ono their own. I would love people to know the true doctrine of the church and not the falsehoods they see on HBO.


Heather & Trevor said...

AMEN! We love Romney too! He did great!

Stephanie said...

I thought he did really really well on that speech amazing speaker!

adrienne said...

I agree with everything you said, honey (even though I don't ALWAYS agree with everything Romney says). I thought this last speech was excellent. If he gets the nomination I will have VERY hard decisions to make at election time.