Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Hair Sadness

You know how I feel about hair, right? I love hair. It is important to me. Remember when I got that HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE hair cut? Even though my hair is long and gorgeous right now (I should totally post pictures of it), I still feel upset at what happened that fateful day three years ago.

Unfortunately, there has been another hair tragidy in my family. Doug, bless his soul, decided to take advantage of my neglect by giving himself a haircut.

This hair cut was not the tragidy. Rather, I laughed and laughed my face off when I saw what he'd done.

No, the real tragidy was that he also cut Kiana's hair... the hair that took 27 grueling months to achieve... the hair that I have been petting and sniffing and loving for the last three weeks. He cut it all around. He cut it so that there were nubbins here and long peices there. He cut out my heart.

Remember when Kiana's hair looked like this:

That seemed like only last week... oh wait, that WAS only last week.

Now my kids look like this: