Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Birfday Girl

Today the teenie koala turned three! She celebrated by choosing her outfit (she was a lady bug),

receiving lots of snuggles from Mom and Dad,

getting totally awesome presents,

sleeping in a brand new big girl bed,
and, her favorite part of all, carrying around balloons, all day!

My you are loved, sweet girl! Happy birthday!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Flexin' My Crafty Muscles

I fell in love with this 3D Solar System from Pottery Barn Kids. It would be perfect for the cub, who loves all things science. Unfortunately, the product was discontinued, and let's face it, who would pay $70 for a few balls of plastic any way? Pshah!

So I made, yes made, this. Myself.
Granted, it looks like a junior high science project, but may I mention that it is HUGE? Twice the size of the Pottery Barn business. AND it was made with love.

After I was finished, I had Ryan hang it up. Doug thanked HIM for making the wonderful Solar System Whaaa!?