Friday, December 3, 2010

Flexin' My Crafty Muscles

I fell in love with this 3D Solar System from Pottery Barn Kids. It would be perfect for the cub, who loves all things science. Unfortunately, the product was discontinued, and let's face it, who would pay $70 for a few balls of plastic any way? Pshah!

So I made, yes made, this. Myself.
Granted, it looks like a junior high science project, but may I mention that it is HUGE? Twice the size of the Pottery Barn business. AND it was made with love.

After I was finished, I had Ryan hang it up. Doug thanked HIM for making the wonderful Solar System Whaaa!?


Melanie said...

I made a similar solar system diorama-thing for a third grade science project; I LOVED it, and I still look back on its creation with great memories. I say "I" made it, but of course I had tons of help from my mom.

adrienne said...

I love it! As well as the budding scientest it was created for, the artist who created and the handyman who hung it!

Dianna said...

That is wonderful! It is way better than any science project or Pottery Barn item. But oh . . . the injustice that moms suffer when dads get thanked instead!

Shannon said...

"The big yellow one is the sun!"
I am mighty impressed with your craftyness.