Saturday, December 22, 2007

Night on Main Street

If I had a choice to live in any city in Texas, Grapevine would be the place.

Oh wait... I already live here. Lucky me!

It is tiny, and cute, modern, and antique, clean, and quirky. The people are kind here. I feel safe here (unless I am on the road. Holy "dog-eat-dog!"). I just really like it here.

Last night my boys and I went to see the "beautiful lights" on Main Street.

This picture was posted solely so you can "ew" and "awe" over how cute and pregnant I am.

Here I am with the people (and fetuses) that I love the most!

Doug, calculating if he could "take" this elf down.

The mama bear and her cub.


Anonymous said...

"Beautiful Lights" Christmas with kids is the best. We have many positive memories when Ryan was Doug's age and we lived in Southern California. I imagine it will be the same for you of Grapevine.


Ryan said...

You are one heck of a cute mom 2 be again.