Wednesday, March 19, 2008

San Antonio

For those of you who love us enough to endure our travel log...

We bypassed the Alamo due to last year's "squirrel incident" ( and went straight toward the River Walk... my favorite thing to do in San Antonio.

Doug meet Giant Dinosaur. Giant Dinosaur, meet Doug. (Ripley's Believe it or Not)

Sea World!

"Oh me gosh!"

The Shamu show. Doug loved Shamu. Ryan was holding him through the whole show and whenever Shamu appeared, Doug's heart rate doubled.

Things not pictured:
-the extremely cool Body World's exhibit (more on that later).
-Kiana sleeping through the night (twice).
-lots and lots of Mexican Food.
-A very brave boy who rode the scary log ride and wanted to go again.


Chris and Tara Mason said...

Daniel and Ben were soooo freaked out by that dinosaur! They thought it was real! What great pictures! I'm glad that Doug liked the log ride - isn't it awesome?!

Chris and Tara Mason said...

Ok - I know that I've already commented, but this made me laugh..... Check out that lady in the green shirt that is in the background of the picture of you at the Shamu show! Her face is hysterical! Don't you ever wonder what absurd faces you are making in the background of other people's pictures?

brenley said...

cute cute family!! what a fun trip! so, i just got your comment and it made me laugh because i totally forgot 'jason's' name until i read your comment - and i am SOOO glad things did not work out with him:D obviously:D that was a fun class though - having you in it made it much more exciting because i remember that teacher wasn't the most dynamic person i've met....also, i still haven't seen the village and every time i see or hear about it i think of you and your presentation:D memories:D so glad you're doing well - and i think your son looks like you too:D

Kristy said...

I love these pictures! What a beautiful, nice, wonderful, smart family you are!