Tuesday, March 4, 2008

My Son, the Masochist

One hour and thirty minutes is the current record.

If Doug decides he is full, he is full. No more food will be entering his stomach… and that is final. He often decides this, however, when the last bite of food is already in his mouth.

A normal person under such circumstances would do one of two things. Either he would spit the surplus food out or if he was really really normal, he would swallow anyway.

Doug opts for a different approach. He holds the food in his mouth. He allows it to liquefy. He may even swish a little. But under no circumstance will the food be swallowed.

And he won’t spit it out either. Not unless he has permission. Sometimes, in attempt to teach Doug a lesson on the importance of swallowing, Ryan won’t give Doug that permission. So Doug just sits there (sometimes for fifteen minutes or longer) until Ry finally gives in and holds him over the sink.

Occasionally, however, it goes unnoticed that Doug hasn’t swallowed. Such was the case several months ago when Grandma Aidy took Doug to the mall. They ate at the food court and then continued shopping. Grandma wondered why Douglas was being so quiet and well-behaved. After an hour and a half of silence, however, Grandma realized that something was terribly wrong. That’s when she discovered the Cajun rice, chicken, and corn just stewing in Doug’s mouth. It was the record-setting incident.

Saturday night was another instance. Doug had dined on sandwich for dinner. It wasn’t until he sneezed bologna and cheese all over Ryan did we realize that our poor little champ had been juicing his dinner for well over a half an hour.

The end.


Melanie said...

Toddlers certainly have interesting ways of asserting their independence!

Audrey said...

Not to freak you out, but my cousin would do the exact same thing and it went unnoticed one too many times. You can imagine, since we are supposed to brush to remove the food from sitting against our teeth enamel, what that did to his teeth. That's right, silver teeth--two on the very front for several years. What a terrible habit to have to break. I wish I had some good suggestions for you.

birdbabies said...

where did you get the adorable header background? i've been looking all around for stuff like that and can't find anything. super cute!

Rachel Evans said...

Kids do the funniest things! They wear their feelings right one their sleeves. I love it! Doug sounds just as stubborn as Boston when he sets his mind to something. Boys!

Stephanie said...

Love the new look and I freaking LOVE your hilarious stories. Good thing I wasn't eating or else my food would have been spit out too...I was seriously laughing so hard!

Heather & Trevor said...

Holly did that when she was a baby because her tonsils were so enflamed that she couldn't swallow! :) So sad and funny. I love the Butterfly post too! :)

Ryan said...

Thanks for adding the UFC comment under my pic. ARGH!!

Nice job on the blog it looks great.

Katie said...

I LOVE YOUR BLOG!! Im sorry that I have not got back to you about the bow... was it the green one or the pink one??? I would love to send one to you!!! :) Let me know... Your new little cub is beautiful!!