Friday, March 14, 2008

Car Troubles (Part Three)

Ryan walked back into the apartment with “the look” on his face.

It was the same “look” he gave when the grey Corolla mysteriously disappeared from our apartment’s parking lot in Tucson.

It was the same “look” he gave when our cadillac converter gave up the ghost.

It was the look that that said that something was horribly wrong with our car and it was going to cost us lots and lots of money.

You know the look.

I followed Ryan to the parking lot to inspect the damage.

A rain-gutter block had been smashed through the back window of our car. A trail of thick tacky blood led through that window, all over our backseat, up over to the front seat, and all over the driver’ door. However, nothing was missing from the car.

Who would do such a horrible thing?

The police kept asking Ryan if there were any women scorned in his life. Well, no. That wasn’t it.

So, Ryan and I added up all the people who might have a bone to pick with either of us. The grand sum amounted to zero. We were fairly likable people.

So why? It was a mystery; one that must be solved.

The police left and Ryan set about sweeping the chards of glass from our car. It was then that he discovered a cell phone. The architect behind this fiasco had dropped his cell phone in our car.

Thus we located the perpetrator (we’ll call him Einstein) and coerced him out of three hundred dollars to replace the window and get our car professionally cleaned. More valuable then the money, however, was the explanation he gave us.

Apparently, Einstein and his buddies had gotten sloshed (and heaven knows what else) the previous evening. He went out to his car to drive home and the key wouldn’t fit in the door. It was then that he decided to smash in the window and crawl through, cutting himself badly on the way in.

The problem was that it wasn’t his car. His car was a Honda Civic (two door) and ours was a four door black Corolla. It didn’t register that it wasn’t his car as he bled over my son’s car seat. It didn’t register that it wasn’t his car as he crawled up to the front seat (his car didn’t even have a backseat). It finally registered that it wasn’t his car when the key would not fit in the ignition. So he opened the front door and got out.

Don’t do drugs.

When Einstein stopped by our apartment to deliver the cash he also invited us to go to his church with him the following week. While tempted...


Audrey said...

You must have some curse related to cars. Do you have to disclose all of these heinous occurences when you try to rent your cars? You know when they run through the typical has anyone ever taken a brick and smashed it through your car windows, you actually say "yes, yes, they have." The person pauses for a brief second and says, "oh, okay...well, have you ever had a soft top convertable slit open?" To which you again have to reply in the affirmative. Then he takes your application and rips it up in your face. Has that ever happened? Just curious.

Brandon and Diana Bronson Family Blog said...

Oh my Gosh Bethany I can't believe your bad luck with cars. I guess it was good luck that he left his phone behind though!

Melanie said...

You guys have quite the history with cars! I love your new blog design. How did you do the title? To link to another one of your posts, just click on the post title in your index in the right column, that will bring up the post as its own page. Highlight and copy the URL and then past it in the link function like you would an outside link. I hope that makes sense.

Anonymous said...

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brenley said...

that is insane! you sure attract people and weird situations to your cars! sad day! good thing there was evidence so you didn't have to pay for the damage - but the hassle probably is worth a lot more! good luck! oh, and i love the time out picture - so funny!

Chris and Tara Mason said...

I'm beginning to think that you guys need to live in a big city where you won't need a car to get around. I have seriously never met anyone with such bad luck when it comes to cars!
However, I must admit, I love your stories. Not only are they well written - they are entertaining as well!

birdbabies said...

okay, the story is a bummer...i'm so sorry about the luck you've had...however, i LOVE the way you told the whole thing. Genius! I'm sorry about the car. hopefully you don't have to worry about your car(s) anymore :)

Rachel Evans said...

Nice! I still can't believe that that happened to you guys. That was the craziest story! You guys have had some pretty weird car issues!

Steph Bowen said...

You are too funny! I needed a dose of reality. I don't want to be a weirdo :)