Friday, February 15, 2008

Finally...A Post that Will Not Make my Mother Blush (I don't think)

When I saw the flowers sitting on the hotel room table I knew that I was going to marry him.

He’d called every hotel in Maui until he found where my family was staying. Then, he sent me the most amazing (gigantic) tropical arrangement of roses that I’d ever seen.

It was the most romantic Valentine’s Day of my life… even though I was an ocean away from him.

I dangled in the hammock by the tide and daydreamed about Ryan, his chiseled jaw line, and our future offspring. I felt downright fizzy with love.

Now that Ryan and I have cubs, our Valentine's Day celebrations are a little different. Last year I surprised Ryan with a super hero themed Valentine’s Day (he is the "super hero" of my heart).

I wrote him a dorky love poem, decorated the house with our favorite super heros, and our little family flew around town in homemade capes.

This year I was aiming for a more romantic Valentine’s date. I made Ryan homemade peanut butter cups (he’s allergic to the real deal) and a stack of “love coupons.”

I also planned on taking him to a fancy italian restaurant (I am in charge of the V-day dates and he does the anniversaries).Unfortunately, our babysitter flaked on us at the last minute. So, once again, Ryan and I celebrated our love family-style at the Rainforrest Café.

Yes, we are all wearing Valentine’s Day colors and yes, I planned it that way. Don’t tell my adolescent self, though. Adolescent Me would think we were " losers."

Have you ever been to the Rainforrest Café? It is really fun. Unfortunately, the food sucks. I mean… really sucks. Ryan and I both ordered the Rainforrest burgers. The meat tasted like it had been frozen, thawed, microwaved, and slapped on a bun. Basically, we spent $50 on TV dinners last night.

Did I tell you I tried to make V-day cookies. The cookies themselves were delicious. It was the frosting that was a spectacular failure.

Still, there was plenty of romance yesterday. Ryan surprised me with beautiful tropical flowers in memory of our first Valentines Day in love.

This was a long post. Thanks for hanging in there.


Anonymous said...

See here.

KarenH said...

Pretty flowers !! That was so sweet of him to find where your family were staying in Hawaii. Love reading your blog. Some of them make me laugh. Looking forward to meet your little girl ! I haven't even met her yet !!

Mason Family said...

How cute are you! I am very impressed that you made cookies AND frosting. Either one or both end up store bought for me (I am lazy and hate cleaning up the mess)!
Oh - and you'll have to tell me how you made the capes - Daniel has been asking for one for a while!
Finally, thanks for the heads-up on the Rain Forest Cafe!

Blake and Meg said...

Ryan is such a sweetheart! You have a super hero husband!! PS... you have cutie kids!

Shauni said...

Ok there's no WAY you just had a baby!! Look how skinny you are!!!

Audrey said...

You are just so creative and fun! I wish I knew you in real life, I think it would be a blast! AND, lastly, my husband I have the exact same arrangement you two have with V-day and anniversaries. It's the best and that way no one's feelings are ever hurt. I love Valentines and Anniversaries. Sorry about your meal. That's really too bad. I hope you go eat someplace super yummy soon to make up for it. Lastly, you look amazing for just having had a baby!

Anonymous said...

See here

brenley said...

how creative! love, love, love the flowers! birds of paradise are my favorite - so spunky and different. what a cute family you have too! it seems like doug looks more like you and kiana looks more like her dad - is that what people say? such cuties!