Friday, February 15, 2008

Bonus Pictures

There is nothing sweeter than an angel sleeping (with the yellow blanket).

Doug's first cone.

Block head.

The papa bear and his cub.

My Cowboys at the Fort Worth Stock Show.

If there was any question where out loyalties are...
(Thanks for the presents, Ry!)

A happy girl!

And quite the conversationalist. She says ew, oh, rar, and eh.


Janssen said...

Cute, cute! I think both our your kids are just adorable!

Jared said...

Something about that yellow blanket seems familiar. . . Oh yes, that's because its MY BLANKET! It's times like this that I think Thomas might be better off as an only child than potentially falling victim to Kimball's future theiving ways.

adrienne said...

Wait I'm defending you. Jared's was the blue bunny blanket and it is at my house right now. The yellow blanket may have started out as Jared's, but he roundly rejected it in favor of the blue bunny blankie. I think you can rightly lay claim to it, since you lovingly adopted it.

By the way, THANK YOU for smiling Kiana pix.

Rachel Evans said...

Wow! A few days with no internet and you have tons of fun stuff to look at. When Ryan was here he said that she is cooing so cute! I love the pics! Even though Doug is being a little sinker, he is a cute sinker!