Monday, February 11, 2008

Nothing Says "I Love You" Like an IUD

“Happy Valentine’s Day, Babe. Sorry I couldn’t wrap the gift, but I promise we will be reaping the reward (or not reaping—more accurately) for years to come.”

I was thinking of asking the doctor if she’d sign some sort of contract promising not to remove the IUD for at least three years. So, no matter how much I beg, cry, and threaten, she would be legally required refuse my pleas.

The first week after having Kiana, Ryan and I seriously discussed… ahem… more permanent birth control options. We were both a little traumatized from the pregnancy and post-partum experience.

Two weeks after Kiana, I returned to the maternity ward to get Kiana’s PKU test. I passed the window that exhibited all the brand new babies and it hit me… baby fever. Granted, Kiana had not yet shed her umbilical stub, but the babies were so new and so precious. I wanted another one. I HAD to HAVE another one.

Perhaps Kiana waking up hourly every night is her way of cautioning me that I would be a dog-on fool to have another baby anytime soon. How sweet of her to remind me.


Kristy said...

Haha! That is so very nice of Kiana to remind you of why we don't have babies every nine months. And remember pregnancy? Oh yeah.

Bethany said...

Oh yeah.

Ryan said...

Well if you need more reminders I can help with that!

Audrey said...

I agree with that middle of the night reminder. They are so cute and cuddly in the daytime and that first night when we were home I was like, "Oh yeah, now I remember what this was like." I still want more though. I can sleep later, I can only have kids for so long.