Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Nothin' Much On

I’m a media junkie. Books, movies, magazines, what-ev.

I hate celebrities but am morbidly addicted to celebrity gossip. I visit people.com daily. I try to counteract this by visiting cnn.com daily, too… but I like people.com more.

I like TV, too. … a lot. The Office, Lost, Grey’s, 24, and The Bachelor. I even sometimes watch Days of Our Lives while folding laundry. I try to counteract this by listening to the scriptures on CD while doing the dishes… but I like “Days” more. Wink.

After a summer of reruns, with nothing but So You Think You Can Dance to comfort me, imagine my horror at the writer’s strike. What a relief it’s over! I missed my shows! What will happen with Jim and Pam? What medical mayhem will Dr. Moral McDeficit fornicate through next week (wasn’t the severed jugular awesome?)?

I didn’t put away the remote altogether over the past few months, though. Did anyone else watch Gladiators? I bet you had a secret crush on the Wolf, too.

And isn’t it especially fun when Mormon’s are on reality TV?

You obviously know Julianne, but do you recognize her ex-fiance, Zach? He was on Dance Wars (and won) last night.

Oh Marie.

Love Ashley! She was really classy and managed to not look like a hooker once during the whole show.

Benji and Lacy, So You Think You Can Dance

And Mitt .

Don’t you think this season of Lost is in fine form? Who do you think are the other “Oceanic Six”?

And American Idol is up. I hope this season is better than last. My faves never win.

These Idol hopefuls are also LDS.

What other shows should I be watching?


adrienne said...

My guiltiest pleasure is Boston Legal. Minute for minute, it might be one of the trashiest shows on prime-time, but I can't stop watching. William Shatner is hilarious and James Spader is mesmerizing. Candice Bergen brings back happy Murphy Brown memories & I just totally love the Asperger's guy.
I know, I know--the immorality is rampant and even puts Grey's Anatomy to shame, but I'm addicted, I need help.

Bethany said...

I am with you 100% girl, i love each and every one of those shows (especially SYTYCD, Idol, Lost...), I'm totally glued to the tube every night, I'm so happy the strike is over, the LDS are the coolest and are taking over!, and none of my faves ever win! We're like, the same. I can't recommend much else, although Heroes is pretty good and I was grumbling when they cut the season short.

Audrey said...

Sometimes you scare me when you mention addictions, guilty pleasures, what have you that sound so much like me. Even as I'm typing p-e-o-p-l-e-.-c-o-m I'm feeling that nervous feeling like my husband will be so disappointed in me, but hey, what has Britney done lately to ruin her life?
I too am addicted to the Office and was devastated by the writer's strike. I own the first three seasons on DVD, the only show I can say that about.
I think that both LDS people have incredible voices and it would be awesome if either of them one. Maybe the two of them in the final? I tell you what did Carmen R. in was when she wore that shirt showing her belly-the next week she was voted off. This LDS girl is married, so she won't be showing tummy and I'm not quite sure how a boy can dress immodestly, so hopefully he'll be okay.
Thanks for letting me get that all out. I feel so much better.

Stephanie said...

Americas Next Top Model, Biggest Looser, and yes, I did catch Girlicious (think younger version of Pussy Cat Dolls) and I am hooked. Pathetic. Thank goodness for DVR.

Anonymous said...

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Rachel Evans said...

T.V. is just not what it used to be for me. I used to love sitting down and watching whatever was on, because it seem like there was always something on. Now I find myself board clicking through the channels. So I do not have any suggestions. I do however like watching Mormons on T.V. I tagged you on my blog, so check it out! Have a good weekend! I so wish that we could be there! Love ya!

brenley said...

i don't much like other shows - haven't given any a chance yet so i like your suggestions - but i LOVE american idol! i am addicted and now it's on three nights a week - could i waste any more time? love it though!

Heather & Trevor said...

Amen! I Love Tv! So Glad The Strike Is Coming To Close! So. Yeah, If You Want To Buy Our House You Would LOVE It! We Were So Sad To Leave! Let Me Know On The Job Thing And I Will Keep You Posted On The House. Would Nt That Be Interesting If That All Worked Out! :)

Anonymous said...

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