Friday, January 25, 2008

Cub Woes

“Douglas, don’t you step in that!”

Doght! I immediately realize my mistake.

My little insubordinate has now plunged his foot into the clammy knoll of dog poop and is grinning at me wickedly. I quickly put down Kiana’s car seat and grab Douglas before he starts somersaulting through the stuff (Oh yes he would).

He begins thrashing to and fro. He REALLY needs to do the somersaults through the poop now that he knows that I would prefer him not to. His very life depends on those somersaults. There are tears… oh the tears. Then there are blood-curdling screams… only furthering the neighbor’s suspicions that we beat our child.

I found two gray hairs growing from my scalp last week.

I use to think I was Super Mom—that I had all the answers. Then “two” happened. Two kids is not the issue, but the fact that one of them is “two” is.

How does one do “two?”

I need a book.

I need your prayers.

I need a pint-sized straight jacket.


Meggie said...

Bethany, I saw your name on Megans blog and I seriously enjoy your blog!! You are so creative!! What was your major?! Anyway, I have been blog stalking you and I LOVE your blog!!

Melanie said...

This "two" shall pass!

Audrey said...

No wonder my last post stressed you out. I say lots of beatings and threats, that always works you have a dungeon?
If you're not up for that, maybe prayer?
What about bribery?
A nanny?
These are the best I can come up with. My own child is screaming at me for attention.

Shauni said...

Oh Bethany I wish I had something more helpful to say than only just that I am REALLY feeling your "two" pain! I also wish I had some magical answers to help, which unfortunately I don't have either, but it always really helps me to just talk it out with another mom who's going through the same thing. Even if just for the sake of talking to another adult for a few minutes. Call me anytime!

Heather & Trevor said...

I am not looking forward to the 2 phase. You really are Super MOM though!

PaulandNicolesJourney said...

I'm sorry, but I couldn't help but laugh!! I picture all my little nephews doing the exact same thing when they were two. They just love to test the patience of the mother:) Got to love them though, they are just the cutest things!

Anonymous said...

For a mom who survived having a "two" five times I just say "Good Luck". It is kind of like a rite of passage for all mom's. I survived it with Ryan and look how great he grew up to be. He didn't roll around in the pooh but he was worried that his shoes looked like they had poo on them. Forward and onward.

KarenH said...

Hi.. it's me Karen.. from your ward..I love your blog. It's so cute & you're so creative. Do you scrapbook by any chance ???? You're a good mom from what I have seen. How far apart are they ??

The Evans Family said...

Girl I feel your pain! Some days Boston drives me crazy! When he is throwing a fit while I am trying taking care of Zander I just feel like I am going to go crazy! I just have to remind myself that he is only two and try to put myself in his shoes.

adrienne said...

Oh, sweet justice.