Sunday, September 2, 2007

Still Alive... and Well

I realize that its been a while since my last blog. I have not been on vacation. Rather, my mind has been occupied on two very important matters and I have had little time for anything else.

Important Mind-Sucking Matter #1: True to my promise to myself I have been plugging away diligently at my book. I am already about fifty pages in and really enjoying the process.

Here’s the main idea of the book: My main character (Katelin) is a fifteen year old girl whose parents unexpectedly send her off to summer camp. This is weird because she is too old for summer camp and her parents can barely make rent, let alone send their daughter to what appears to be a rather luxurious summer vacation. Then—while she is there—weird things start happening. Campers mysteriously get ill and disappear in the middle of the night. Camp counselors, who seem ill-suited for their jobs in the first place, act evasive and indifferent to the campers needs. Perhaps the weirdest thing of all, however, is that boys start acting interested in Katelin for the first time in her life.

Anyway, that’s all I’m telling for the time being but if you are interested in finding out more you can purchase the book from Barnes and Nobel in the summer of 2008 (hee hee).

Important Mind-Sucking Matter #2: Waterslides. All I can think about are darned waterslides. I want to go to a water park so very badly that it has almost become an obsession of mine. They are building a small water park by our house and I make Ryan take me there after church every Sunday so we can gauge its progress. I sit in the car and daydream about plunging into a cool pool of water. I imagine lounging in a rubbery tube floating carelessly down the lazy river. I picture myself swishing through a tube slide as the water joyously splashes me in the face (meanwhile, my boys are daydreaming about the meal that the crazy waterslide “freak” is keeping them from).

And then reality hits. I cannot go on waterslides. I am too pregnant. Perhaps it is better this way. I would clog the waterslide anyway (picture Augustus Gloop on the way to the fudge room).


T & H Jenson Family said...

Bethany! I am so glad to see eachother in the blogging world! Let's add eachother to our lists! Hope your well!

Kristy said...

Hey I can't wait to read your book!

Shauni said...

HAHA!! I have a similar obsession thanks to many great waterpark memories with you! And the Augustus Gloop image could not be more vivid...