Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Labor Day

My little angel. We are on the way to the Aquarium for a fun and free labor day activity.

Look at those big brown eyes... they see a fish!

These are my handsome men. All of the ladies that work for Ryan have crushes on him. I embarrasses him to no end. Someone even told him that when he turns around they all check out his bum. While I am personally well aware that he has the cutest bum, I think those ladies should mind their own business.

Throw it in the oven!

22 weeks and counting. I think it is time for this shirt to go into retirement. It is too small and after close inspection I realize that it makes me look like either a tootsie roll or Mr. Hanky (think South Park).

All and all it was a fun labor day. We really missed our families, though. We look forward to a time when labor days are with large quantities of people and food.


Abbie said...

Great pictures! I agree, those ladies NEED to mind their own business and look for other non married bums to admire. I'm too proper to say anything as inappropriate as your hubby (the little I see of him) is HOT!!! no, I will not say it. I'm a lady!

You little one looks JUST LIKE YOU!! cutie. Thanks for sharing your pictures.

Kristy said...

You guys are cute! And guess what, Thomas has the same shirt Doug is wearing in these. :)

Stephanie said...

He is SOOOOOOOO cute and I am in love with your itty bitty belly!

Stephanie said...

He is SOOOOOOOO cute and I am in love with your itty bitty belly!

Dana said...

Hey There! Doug is so cute...He is getting so big! It looks like you had a fun Labor Day. And I don't think you look like any form of a Christmas Poo!

I am alot bigger than you, by the way! You look great!