Thursday, September 27, 2007

Human Subjects

This is my dear friend Megan and her angel baby, Molly. The color in these pictures is actually pretty awesome (trust me), but you can't tell because of my hazy blog template. Oh well.

Bad haircut. Told you so.
Good thing I'm so dang cute.

So, I realize that this is a gigantic spider and not a human. I just wanted to brag about how cool my camera is! I was way super far away from this evil creature and you would never know. My zoom is the BEST!

The cutest boy in the WORLD!

Doug splashing away in the water fountain! Look at the water droplets! They were made possible by my cool new camera!


Kristy said...

Wow! The hair isn't even close to being as bad as you made it sound. You look great. I can't wait to see it from all angles next week. :)

Bart Bradshaw said...

Very nice photos! I'm impressed with your skills - and your camera!

Abbie said...

it about time Bethany!
Have I said how much your little one looks JUST-LIKE-YOU???
He's so handsome!

Dana said...

Um! Hello! the haircut is not bad! It's just short and you were probably just used to the long hair. I really think you look great! And I am not just saying that! I love the pictures. You have totally proven your new camera to the blogging world. It's Fabulous and shows great detail. Doug is getting so big, he looks like such a big boy! I sure love you guys!

Blake and Meg said...

Way cute pictures... I'm so excited to see them all!