Saturday, September 22, 2007

New Toy

Yes, I'm a very spoiled girl. Spoiled-rotten. I just got my second new very cool toy this month. My first toy was the Rav-4. It is the best car in the world and I would bathe it in kisses if I wasn't already married.

The second cool toy was a birthday/Christmas present for me and Ryan from my in-laws (Thank You!!!!). Our current camera is has never given us satisfactory pictures and is now producing more offensive images than ever. I look fat in every picture... oh wait.

So I did a lot of research and picked the perfect camera. It's an advanced point and shoot with about a bazillion mega-pixels and a generous zoom. I've always wanted to learn about photography and now have the perfect equipment to start.

Ryan was a little hesitant about my choice. When we got married we agreed that Ryan could be in charge of all the Best Buy purchases if I could be in charge of all of the Crate and Barrel purchases. This arrangement made a great deal of sense at the time. Ryan hated shopping for anything that was not a gigantic TV and I claimed an allergy to any product with wires and an instruction manual.

It was only natural that Ryan was concerned about my health when I told him I wanted this slightly expensive and slightly complicated equipment. But I pulled out the big guns. I asked Ryan how important it was to him that we choose a basic point and shoot (which I admit are very cute and very little) over a better-in-every-way camera. He rated it a seven on his scale of importance. I then informed him that it was a nine on my scale. I needed that camera. I had to have it. I loved it.

Ryan agreed that we could get the surperior camera. He said it was a ten on his scale if it made me happy. Which makes me happy. Which in turn will make him happy... but I'll not go into that.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to the Lee's for this amazing present! I'm still trying to figure out how the dang thing works, but once I do I'm going to take some brilliant pictures of your grand babies and send them straight to you!


Dana said...

Wow! I am Jealous! I don't have a good camera, that must be why I look fat in all of my pictures...oh, wait! Haha! I hope to invest in a camera like yours someday. I think on shane's scale of importance it would probably be like a 3...I'm excited to see all of your fabulous pics from your new camera!

Kristy said...

Wow, so cool! I'm wonder if you're dad's gift for photography is genetic...

Kristy said...

Oops, I mean "your dad's," not "you're dad's." How high school of me.

Anonymous said...

kristy, one of the things that I love about you is that you corrected your you're. You're awesome, Your anonymous fan.

Abbie said...

Good for you, just so you know, we are going to need to see proof of the new camera in all your posts henceforth.
Hope you are enjoyinh your weekend mama.

T & H Jenson Family said...

I'm so jealous! I love getting new toys! How did your lesson go? Mine was weird. I'll have to tell you about it. I joined facebook so add me to your friends k!

Bethany said...

Huge congratulations!!

Anonymous said...

I hope it isn't too hard to learn. I just love being a grandma. A camera is a win/win all the way around.