Sunday, August 19, 2007

My Cub

A toddler’s life is basically in constant peril. I figure that it is my primary job as a mother of a one-year-old to make sure he gets by day to day without running joyously into traffic or jumping into the deep-end without his floaties. I am the safety patrol but even my amazing mommy-powers are occasionally debunked by my wiggly little man-cub.

Case-in-point: Doug is running wildly around the house earlier today when, THWACK, he runs straight in the corner at 5 mph (which is like 35 mph in toddler speed). Ryan is the first on the scene. Doug is screaming. There is a goose egg the size of an actual goose egg accruing on Doug’s forehead, and the mom is panicking. The safety patrol has failed.

I run to the fridge and grab a bag of frozen corn. Ryan is rocking Doug, who is still wailing. Ryan puts the corn on Doug’s head which only aggravates the screaming more. I am still panicking. I call Ryan’s mom who I know will be able to get me through the situation calmly. I ask her if we should take Doug to the ER and she informs me that probably a little Motrin will do the trick.

Ryan jumps into the car to the drugstore and I hold my sweet sobbing baby in my arms. I take him to the bathroom and put a Spiderman band-aid right under his “ouchie.” Doug sees his band-aid in the mirror and immediately stops crying. He is healed. It is a miracle.

I take Doug into the kitchen and get him a cookie and some ice cream. Ryan soon joins us with Motrin, a 20 oz. bottle of sprite, and a bag of skittles… all for the boy. Doug is now considering running into the wall more often.

Barely-Related Side Note: Ryan and Doug were playing later on this evening and Ryan shoved a teddy bear down Doug’s shirt. Doug looked down at his newly protruding belly and said “Ma Ma.”


Abbie said...


(If I read correctly or if this announcement is not new I apologize, I just very recently started stalking your blog)

Kristy said...

Now maybe Doug will have a dent in his head to match Thomas's dent. :)

Steve, Jenn and Tyson said...

I just have to laugh that a band-aid did the trick! All Tyson needs to see is his stuffed doggie AKA Snot-Dog (due to his enormous amount of accumulated snot from nights of tears and wiping his nose!) We miss you guys! Where are you going for Christmas this year?

Abbie said...

Bethany, how can I respond via email to the comment you left me?

Sierra Robinson said...

He just doesnt look like a baby anymore, bethy. He's looks like a little kid. I better see more of the transformation with your little girl:).

Dana said...

Oh, poor Doug! I hate when boo-boo's happen! But I do have to say that that's a pretty great spiderman band-aid!

You are such a great mommy!
I love you!

Brandon and Diana Bronson Family Blog said...

Isn't it terrible when they get hurt? Sometimes I think it is worse for us then it is them. Just wait till he gets his "feelings" hurt. That is the worst! It's already starting at our house. I am not looking forward to the teenage years, lol