Thursday, April 24, 2008

Let's Talk Idol

I have several nightmares fairly regularly:

1.) The “Oh My Gosh! I forgot to take one of my finals and didn’t actually graduate” dream.

2.) The “My teeth keep falling out” dream

3.) The “Nobody likes me” dream.

4.) The “I’m a contestant on American Idol (and nobody likes me)” dream.

Wasn’t it horrific watching Brooke forget her lyrics on AI on Tuesday! Talk about a real life nightmare!

I take full credit for her not getting eliminated. Well, Meggie might have had something to do with it, too. Even though neither of us had joined in the American Idol democracy before, we made a pact to vote for Brooke. And I did. Four times. We saved her.

True, Brooke is not the most talented contestant. She pulls weird faces when she sings and isn’t always in tune. But I love her. She makes modest look cool. She is kind. And she is a great musician. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a musician that little girls could really look up to? America is thirsty for celebrities on good behavior. That’s probably why Brooke is still around.

I’m especially glad Brooke didn’t get voted off last night because she would’ve been haunted for all eternity about her little flub. She needs one more chance to shine and then she can go in peace.

As for the winner... David or David. I’d be happy either way.

While I am shamelessly addicted to American Idol this season, I won’t be sad when it’s over. Then So You Think You Can Dance is on and it is THE BEST SHOW IN THE WORLD.

Then maybe my “American Idol (and nobody likes me)” dreams will go away. I’ve never had a So You Think You Can Dance nightmare.

Speaking of good shows… new Greys, Office, and LOST are on tonight. I am giddy.

And yes, I’m aware that my brain is going to rot right out of my head.


Nicole Coles said...

Bethany, I just love reading your blogs!!! You are so much fun!! Can I just say I am soooo excited you guys are moving here!! YEAH!! I'm in Kaysville so even if you are in P-town, we still need to get together! When and where are you moving? Hopefully soon! Can't wait to go play:)

Melanie said...

I have recurring teeth dreams too! I guess thost must be fairly common since there are a plethora of dream-intereting websites that can tell me all about how insecure and self-obsessed I am for dreaming about yellow, crooked, and falling-out teeth.

Audrey said...

So, my husband and I have had several in-depth discussions about Brooke White. Here's what I see as the problem: she started out very confident--"doing her thing" (as Randy would say) and the last 3-4 weeks, she's tried to pull away from her strenghs--her playing an instrument, singing a Sheryl Crowe, Carly Simon-esque type song. I know the judges warn not to get stuck in a rut, but who is a real star that isn't catergorized? Honestly, do you think that Neal Diamond is going to teach those kids to rap next week? No, he'll have them sing the songs he's good at. Do you think 50 Cent is going to guest and show them how to sing love songs. No! She needs to get behind an instrument and find a song that is her.
Why doesn't she just call me so I can tell her all this?

Bethany said...

amen, amen, and amen. right on everything! especially sytycd. ;)

Chris and Tara Mason said...

I have those dang dreams about school all of the time. I hate the one where I've forgotten I registered for a class and I have two days to turn in three research papers and study for a final - it's wicked!
I also have a dream that Chris decides he doesn't want to marry me and leaves me at the temple - alone. The worst part is going back home empty-handed and having to return to single life! Every time I have that dream I wake up so grateful to be married to such a great guy!
Hey - wait a minute - what is this comment from Nicole about you moving? Is this happening anytime soon?

Evan & Rebecca Jones said...

I'm sooo giddy too! I've been dying for a new Grey's for forever. Not that I ever let my YW know that I'm addicted to Grey's but whatever. I'm a sucker for David Archuleta. He's so wholesome, I just want to hug him. Might sound weird but I do.

The Bohmans said...

Those are totally my 5 fav shows too! I could have written the exact same blog entry. Nice work! I take comfort in knowing someone else is losing just as many brain cells as me tonight!

Heather & Trevor said...

Oh I love you for posting that! I think I have to take credit too for Brooke because me and my whole fam voted for her 4 or 5 times too! Can I say I helped too? LOL anyways, love her too and yes we are thirsty for someone like her even though she probably won't win. I love Archuletta to win! LOVE THE POST!! I too have dreams of being on Idol.....we are so funny. :)

Kristy said...

YES, Bethany! I totally agree. We are kindred idol fans.