Monday, April 16, 2007


Universal Truth: Nobody cares to hear about your dreams.
When somebody starts a sentence with “Man, last night I had this crazy dream” I immediately start mentally alphabetizing my grocery list, rehashing the latest stake high-councilman’s talk, or contemplating the life of Tori Spelling,… really anything is more gripping than what they are about to say.

That being said... man, last night I had this crazy dream.
Actually, this dream was just a chapter in a series of similar dreams that I have quite regularly... the series being called “Why are all of my Teeth Falling Out?” I hate these dreams.
At first my mouth feels like a jig saw puzzle; everything is in the right place but there is no adhesive keeping my teeth all in. Then I start talking or eating something and the teeth start falling out. Within minutes I have lost hundreds and hundreds of teeth.

I finally decided to consult an expert on my disconcerting dreams. I learned a lot about myself after reading up on “loose teeth” dreams.
First, my certified and accredited dream psychic informed me that these dreams might mean that …I am concerned about loosing my teeth. While I consider dental hygiene a priority in my life, my subconscious, I am sure, has better things to worry about.

Second, these dreams might suggest that I am too absorbed in my physical appearance. Point taken.

Third, these dreams might indicate that I feel uneasy about a big change or right of passage coming up in my life. Could I be having these dreams because of the uncertainty I feel about my future? Definite possibility. Perhaps my dream psychic has more insight than I thought. Maybe I should also heed her advice to avoid paprika or my life will certainly be in peril.

Now that I have figured out why my teeth are falling out I should venture to understand why in my dreams I am also a middle-aged nudist named Stanley.


Ryan said...

So where do I begin? Bethany or Stanley, now this puts me in an interesting dilema. On one hand I am married to a beautiful woman and other hand...well I dont even know where to begin. That being said tell me more about the nudist thing.

Well I hope you can keep your teeth and your teeth I happen to like both of them.

Bethany said...

This is hilarious! I love your blog so far, keep it up! Your sister is Sierra, right?...She is so cute. Kendra loves her. I haven't heard yet if they are roomming, but if so, that would be so awesome. I totally know what you mean about making the blog a little more personalized and creative looking... I actually used one of the templates that was given, so it's nothing special. When you see its' icon, it doesn't quite look the same as it looks live, so it's deceiving. If you find out how to make your own, let me know, that would be so nice. When you go to write a "New Post," there is a toolbar on top and one of the icons is a tiny blue and green box that you click on to add an image. Good luck and I will definitely come back often. :)

Kristy said...

Biff, you can also adjust the look of your template under layout, then fonts and colors. :)