Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Computer Fix

Miss me? Oh, not as much as I missed you.

Last night I couldn't sleep. I was wide awake till 3:00. Thinking. Planning. Typing on an air keyboard. Gazing into a vegetable computer screen.

Computer withdrawals. Have you been there?

On Friday, I was five minutes away from throwing my computer into the oven and turning the knob to broil. My painfully slow computer deserved a slow painful death.

Enter Megan Brady. She is the person you call if you need a babysitter or a primary class substitute. She is the person you call if you need to borrow something. She is the person you call if you need a kidney. SHE WILL SAY YES. I hope I will be like her when I grow up.

Anyhow, she volunteered her husband (Thanks Blake) to zap all the spyware on our hard drive. And then she volunteered to babysit Doug while Ryan and I participated in a youth fireside. Don't you wish you had a Megan Brady (much better the a Sven, if you ask me)?

I am so grateful, so relieved, to have a computer that works and does so in a timely manner. Phew. I can finally get my Internet fix.


Computer morphine. Mmmmm. I feel better. *twitch twitch, scratch scratch.*


Chris and Tara Mason said...

I agree - we are all happier to have Megan in our lives! And, I'm glad that your computer is fixed - computer problems are soooooo annoying!

Dana said...

Yay! Now maybe we can video chat! i promise to stop bugging you about that! :)

What did we ever do before computers? sad?

I think alesa is a megan. she's great.

Kristy said...

Welcome back, Bethany! I missed you.

maggie said...

You know Bethany... I read your blog almost every day. No really, literally almost every day. Work is so boring right now that I need something to clutch to to remind me that people are sometimes smart :) I hope you are well, your babies are beautiful. Haven't seen you in years but you look exactly the same, just as beautiful as ever.

Rachel Evans said...
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Rachel Evans said...

You never know how much you depend on something until you do not have it. Whenever own computer or internet is not working it's like, "Well what am I going to do then?" I am glad that you got it fixed!

Rachel Evans said...

And I missed you! :)