Thursday, November 29, 2007

Things that I Love (Part One)

On the plane ride home from Utah I sat quietly (in seat 33C in case you were curious) and drank my coke. I thought to myself “geez, this coke tastes good.” And it did.

I love airplane soda. Why is it that coke always tastes better several miles above the earth’s crust? Is it the clear sacrement-sized plastic cup? Does the altitude somehow magnify the sensitivity of one’s taste buds? Do the airplane ice cubes add a pleasant flavor to your drink? (By the way, on Oprah I learned that airplane ice cubes contain an unusually high amount of bacteria. I told Ryan this and it ruined his life. He no longer drinks airplane soda. I just choose not to think of this while drinking my icy coke. Bacteria shmackteria)

While sitting in 33C, and enjoying my coke, I thought upon other things that I love… things that other people might think strange… things that make me the woman that I am. Namely:

-Q-tips. Few things are as satisfying as a successful ear excavation... but I shouldn't have told you that. That is gross.

-Cattle Guards. A Robinson family tradition is saluting every time we drive over a “guard.” I was shocked to learn, recently, that not everyone does this. They should…out of respect for the guard (and the cattle).

-MAC makeup. I don’t know or care whether this product is actually better in quality than other products. It just makes me feel cool when I use it. I feel superior to those who do not wear it.

-Celebrity gossip. Who is dating who, who is in rehab, who has a bad haircut...

-Throwing stuff away… but I already went into that.


-Looking at amusement parks. I don’t actually have to go in the park to get a thrill. I beg Ryan slow the car down every time we pass one. I look at the roller coasters and imagine how much fun it would to ride them. It’s almost as good as the real thing. Talk about a “cheap date.”


Kristy said...

Yess! We like totally are. And I told my aunt the other day how much y'all like MAC and she said, "Wow, they must be really good makeup artists," and I said, "Yes, they really are." And you are.

Stephanie said...

Oh how alike we are...Q-Tips are one of my favorite things and I am a firm believer that McDonalds Diet Coke is the best...mmmmmmm...and I have a secret love affair with Target!!!! :) Love ya girl! Tell Breanna I say howdy!

Steve, Jenn and Tyson said...

Of course you can come visit us in Germany! We're trying to get as many people to come and visit at possible. We will have a blast!!!

Jessie said...

I am the same way about MAC makeup. I have enough eyeshadow to open up my own store. Jay thinks it's pretty excessive, but I love every color! You and I have so much in common. I think you rock!

Heather & Trevor said...

I am such a Target Bum it is not even FUnny!! Ok maybe a little. LOVE IT!!