Thursday, November 1, 2007


Grapevine's Main Street was roped off for the Halloween Festival. The kids went trick-or-treating from shop to shop. Everywhere we went people were gasping at how cute my little boyscout was. I know pride is bad, but I was just brimming with it!

Good thing boy scouts are trained to deal with wildlife. By appearing larger than this vicious beast, Doug was able to thwart-off an attack.

A boyscout is generous with his time and possessions. Most of the proceeds from this evening's event will go toward the "pregnant mommies in need" fund.

After trick-or treating, we ate hot wings , french fries, ice cream, and Dr. Pepper. A Halloween feast.

We put our little boyscout to bed and watched the Grudge II. Very scary!


Heather&Trevor said...

I LOVE IT! Your pumpkins are sooo cute! I also got candy for me from Emma's bag. I know it will be eaten and I am not even Prego!!

Bart Bradshaw said...

He looks sharp! He should come and be a part of my scout group. He could probably teach the 11-yr-olds a thing or two (tucking in shirts is a start).

The Evans Family said...

I love this time of year and not just for all of the chocolate that I get to eat!

Kristy said...

Yay! What a cute family!

adrienne said...

Oh my gosh! Even cuter than a regular old dork is a dork in uniform.

Long live dorky kids! (and cool kids disguised as dorks).