Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Kick the Bucket

While it has never been medically proven, I am pretty sure that I was born with only 45 out of the 46 standard chromosomes.

I am deficient of chromosome # 17: the shoe chromosome. Unlike 99% of my female counterparts, I really dislike shoe shopping. It registers on my hate scale right up there with bra shopping and grocery shopping.

Don’t get me wrong, I like shoes just fine. I just have a meticulously tedious formula for which a shoe purchase is acceptable—easy-on/easy-off, sassy, comfortable, and relatively neutral in color. Plus, shoes are expensive! The opportunity cost is too high. One pair of shoes=three cute shirts=one week of groceries=100 Taco Bell 7-layer burritos. Buyer’s remorse is inevitable.

I have been known to go years without making a single shoe purchase (athletic shoes don’t count. I go through those like water.) But the time has sadly come…

My current winter shoes decided to surrender to the chameleon banquet in the sky today. I was doing a little off-roading with Doug and his stroller, when my shoes coughed a little, looked at me kindly, and then croaked.

“Is that all you got!” I screamed. I shook my fist angrily and cursed the day I bought the pathetic pair of Sketchers.

Okay, so the shoes did give me six years of selfless service… but if the shoes had any integrity at all they would not force me to do the task I hate above anything… including vacuuming gigantic spiders off of our carpet.

I am not thankful for shoes today.


Janssen said...

I guess I buy really cheap shoes because I could definitely not get a week of groceries out of the cost of one pair of shoes.

And I definitely have the shoe buying chromosome.

Stephanie said...

Payless + BOGO = no buyers remorse.

Bart said...

I'm with you on wishing shoes would last longer so I didn't EVER have to worry about getting new ones. I don't like breaking new shoes in, nor do they give me the same good feeling that new shirts, pants, sweaters, jackets, etc. do.

Good luck finding new ones you like!

Bethany said...

Gracias amiga! I haven't tried it using any other template except for 'minima,' but you go to your layout, click 'edit' on the header, upload your favorite image, and make sure you select 'instead of title and description.' Does that make sense? The tricky part is creating your image first and making sure that it's the exact size you want it to be. Otherwise, it will be huge, or lopsided or something. Hehe. Good luck!

Janssen said...

I actually don't bank at BofA anymore either - we're all about Washington Mutual and ING Direct.