Friday, July 20, 2007


Contrary to what you may have thought this entry is not about Doug. It is about me. I threw a good old-fashioned tissy-fit yesterday and it felt good…real good. I have never been so frustrated with a company’s product and “customer service” in my life. My conversation with the AT&T rep ended in me foaming at the mouth and snarling, and I quote “Your company is a freaking joke!” I know, how very Mrs. March of me but at least I did not give in to my original impulse which was to call her a “big fat poop head.”

Anyhow, this company is the reason that Ryan and I have been living in the ice age without phone, cable, or internet for the last three weeks. The worst calamity of all is that I missed my Wednesday night ritual of So You Think You Can Dance. I almost invited the wooly mammoths for dinner just so I could further delight in my victimhood.

But today things are looking brighter. The cable guy is coming, our internet package arrived, we have a land-line, and Ryan is about to install our router so our cell phones will work. All is not lost. That being said, expect regular blogs from now on by yours truly…and maybe I will even return your phone calls.