Friday, July 27, 2007

A Serious Matter

I know it was stupid but everyone was doing it. Maybe I am just predisposed to this type of addiction…genetically I mean. My mom has been known to do it. Just “recreationally” of course. I caught my grandma doing it on several occasions, too. She even did it with me in the room once. I suspect that my brother and sister also have a problem. I have yet to confront them on the issue.

It is time for me to come clean. I’ve hurt the people I love the most. Ryan has asked me several times this week if I was mad at him. He said that I was ignoring him and when he asked me questions I just…gurgled… in response. But then my attention-starved child resorted to sitting on my face to get me to notice him. That was the turning point.

My name is Bethany Robinson Lee and I have a problem. I am a book-junkie.

When I started Twilight I thought I would be fine. But I couldn’t stop. I just kept reading. And when I wasn’t reading I was thinking about reading. Food lost its taste, sleep…a nuisance. People became mere objects to me. I was in a zone. A “book coma” is what the professionals called it.

My PR representative, on the other hand, called it “a career glitch” and suggested rehab.

Turns out, Twilight was just a gateway book. I immediately started New Moon and then turned to the hard-core stuff …Harry Potter. I want to stop, but don’t know if I can. Your prayers and support will help. Presents are also good.


Janssen said...

How did you like Twilight and New Moon? I'm excited for the next one to come out in August!

Bethany said...

I liked them both, but (and don't hate me) they were pretty gooey. I guess the falling in love process was a little more logical for me so I found the many DTR's sappy. I liked New Moon a lot more than Twilight, though. I could understand relationship with Jacob better. I do look forward to Eclipse and I hope by that time Bella is either Vampirized or in the arms of a warewolf.

Kristy said...

I feel your pain, Beth!

Stephanie said...

Ummmm I am still living in my Twilight dream!!! Can't wait for Eclipse!!! They were the best books ever...It has been the best summer of reading ever! Just finished Harry Potter too, AMAZING!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE to read and feel the pain...I even made Ben sleep in the guest bedroom a few nights so that I could stay up all night reading!!! LOVES

Anonymous said...

In order to save my marriage and not have my children removed from my care I had to give up my addiction to reading. I have been so lost in a book coma before that I didn't even remember that I had five kids and a husband. Reading is much more in control these days.

I thought that Twilight and New Moon were a bit sappy. They were wroth the read but I wanted her to not be such sap in that all you need is a man (or in this case a vampire) to have everything right in the world. There is the little feminist coming out in me.