Saturday, July 21, 2007


My teeth and hair are their genetically-appointed color. I have purchased only about three pairs of shoes in the last several years…two of which were athletic shoes. I have received only one professional pedicure in my life… and it was from the Walmart salon. So basically this: I would not consider myself a high-maintenance girl.

This is not to say that I don’t have my girly-kryptonites. I do: MAC counters, Haagen-Dazs, haircuts, People magazine, sparkly things. I admit that every time I pass a jewelry counter at the mall my pace becomes snail-like as I inconspicuously survey the goods. Of course I do not expect any of these sparkly luxuries. On the contrary, I figure these things come much later in life when one’s monthly mortgage is not well-balanced by the purchase of diapers and juice boxes.

Early June Ryan and I were strolling in the mall when we passed Kay Jewelers. I gasped when I saw IT. Call me old-fashioned but I luh-huh-hove cameos. Not only was this particular cameo a breathtaking image of a young woman adoring her infant baby but it was in non-other but my signature color… a perfect celebration of my current life.

After I had gaped at the necklace for a few minutes I did not mention to Ryan that I wanted it so badly. I didn’t even tell him of my daydreams of parading it proudly around town and having strangers ogle at my neck and beg to know where I got such a beautiful piece of jewelry. How embarrassing it would be if anyone knew that.

Our third anniversary was last Monday. True to form my hubby wined and dined me. He walked though the door after a long day at work with an amazing arrangement of lilies (in a cobalt blue vase), took me to dinner, and then we came home to open presents… bet you don’t know what’s coming... My very observant, thoughtful, handsome husband had special ordered me my perfect beautiful cameo necklace even with a few bonus sparklies on it.

I got him work clothes.

So my gift to him was sub-par and I felt sheepish. But I also felt so happy that my husband sees his wife as a beautiful ten-cow woman worthy of an occasional spoiling… even if she herself sometime feels like a grouchy, tired, bloated low-maintenance woman.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Bethy Boo,

The necklace is beautiful. You really do have the nicest husband!


Kristy said...

Ooooh, good job, Ryan!