Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Such Sweet Sorrow

Remember when I first moved to Grapevine and I was totally overwhelmed about making new friends?

Well I did it.

I made truly lovely friends. They are kind, smart, interesting, and most importantly HILARIOUS. They are the leading reason why I'll miss Grapevine so very much. They threw me a little going away bash yesterday and I felt so loved. Thank you ladies for making this last year so memorable!

The is my friend Breanna. I love her! She is my sister in the gospel and my sister in So You Think You Can Dance. I wish we lived by each other for always. Doug's bff is her sweet boy, Michael . #2 is on the way.

This is Tristen and Megan. Tristen is so smart and lighthearted. I have so much in common with Megan, except she has WAY better social skills. She always knows the right thing to say and it is almost always hilarious.

Here we got me, Jennica, Megan and Tara. We were at Tara's house and it is fabulous. Look at the fireplace below. Sigh. And I will always remember Jennica's pee story, which inspired me to record my own.

Anna and Breanna. Anna is so open and willing to make you a part of her life. She makes me feel liked.

Meggie and Cherie. Also hilarious and beautiful women. I will miss them.

Not pictured: Christina, Karen, Krista, Stephani, Crystal, Michelle, and Hallie. I will miss you ladies!


Steph said...

I love that you love Breanna...because I love her & YOU too!!! :)

Nicole said...

Wow, this is so weird. I know Breanna from Boise and Meggie from BYU-I!! Sure is a small world!! They're both really neat girls!

Matt and Christina said...

I'm sorry I wasn't able to make it. It looks like you guys had so much fun. I will miss you and am so sad that our first Grapevine friends are moving, but we will be visiting soon. Quinn and Ava are going to be so sad not to have little Doug to play with any more.

Chris and Tara Mason said...

You certainly will be missed! And, I must admit that the picture of me has inspired me to actually try to not look so frumpy! Mercy me - I have let myself go - it's pathetic!

Blake and Meg said...

So sweet! I will miss you. Thanks for thinking I'm funny. You might be the only one!

karen said...

Aww. I'm so sorry I missed your partyy, but I'm glad we met up for breakfast !! Make sure to keep in touch.. Good luck in Utah.. Will look forward to read your blog when you get caught up. :)