Sunday, July 6, 2008

How We Like to Celebrate

Independence week, as you will see, was especially fun for the Lee cubs.

We sat on Bean Bags

We wore extra cute hats.

We made extra cute faces.

We got all thugged-out.

We wore our swimsuits and then got all wet.

We played with real live helicopters.

We wore festive outfits.

We sat on grass and watched airplanes do really cool stunts without crashing at all.

Sometimes the planes made sparks.

Sometimes we got sloshed.

We really enjoyed watching fireworks with our daddy.

We made a good-looking group.

We got really exhausted!


Kristy said...

Oh, what fun! I sure love you guys.

karen said...

ohh good view.. where did you guys go ??

Melanie said...

You guys do make a good looking group. Don't you just love the 4th?!

adrienne said...

Oh my gosh, my grandchildren truly are the most adorable beings on the planet!

Chris and Tara Mason said...

Where did you guys go? Kiana looks so cute in her hat! Doug and Daniel should hang out - he likes to dress up like a gangsta too!

Dana said...

What a fun holiday!!! You really have the cutest family! I want to hug your babies. Seriously I am praying that you move here...Any news yet???

Let's talk this week after SYTYCD...Love ya B-Hoo