Monday, February 23, 2009

In Love

I'm a fickle fickle girl, for I have fallen in love with yet another house. This on might just be the one.

It doesn't look like much from the outside, but join me inside if you will.
This is the front room, but I like to think of it as the "Christmas tree" room.
This is a small room attached to kitchen. I think it would make a lovely library/sitting area.

A WHITE kitchen! Double ovens! Gorgeous tile flooring! All it needs is some granite counter tops and a subway tile back splash and I would flippin' marry this kitchen.

Yes, the back splash could use a little love.

The color orange has been scientifically proven to stimulate appetite.

The master. Small, but so bright and happy.

The master bath.

Bedroom #2.

Bedroom #3.

The cute-as-heck bathroom.

The basement family room.

I love this house. It is almost 3,000 feet and has five glorious bedrooms. The back yard is just the right size. It has the older home charm, without the Sugar House price tag. It is in Cottonwood Heights.


Janssen said...

Ooh, I love that one. How fun!

Kristy said...

Yeah, get that one!

Alesa said...

I agree, that one is Perfect. And in good old Cottonwood Heights!

Becky said...

Perfect looks like a Biff house!

Dana said...

I love that one too! It's Perfect! and it's not too far away! I could drop Jett off at School and come play:)

SO cute inside...IT's got my vote!

Anonymous said...

That is gorgeous! YES YES YES!!!

adrienne said...

I love it! It totally gets my vote.

Jessie said...

I love Cottonwood Heights! That's where I was living when I met Jay. You would love it there.