Friday, February 20, 2009

Another Option

This house is by far the least expensive. It is in Sandy, so not as good of a location as Sugar House(but still pretty good), and WAY better of a location than Daybreak (which I've learned is NOT a smart location to buy).
I really love this house. It is the right size for our little family and still has a little wiggle room. Isn't the yard fantastic? Can you say "veggie garden?"
While I loved the kitchen in the Sugar House house, it is not my exact style. The kitchen here is a blank slate. I can paint the cabinets white and subway tile the walls. I can do all that for dirt cheap, too.
This house definitely doesn't have the character of an old home, though. These houses are EVERYWHERE in Salt Lake, so it doesn't feel special. Also, Ryan dislikes split level homes. I am impartial.

We're going to the open house tomorrow. What do you think?


Laura... and the boys said...

I like this one. You can always change things about it to make it more unique and stand out from the rest. And since there's wiggle room you'll probably stay there long enough to make those changes worth it.

I HATE split level homes (that's where the stairs go up/down right in the front door, right??? It looks like this one doesn't quite do that, so it's not too bad.

When in doubt- pray about it! I'm jealous, I wish I was in the market to buy a home right now! Instead we're in the market to sell ours.

auntie said...

this house looks awesome! it gets my vote.

Audrey said...

I think that whoever lives there now has done a great job of making the house look appealing. It looks really cute. One of my complaints would be that the sink doesn't face toward your family. You'll have your back to your family while you deal with the dishes. Our sink faces out and I really like that. You can't have everything though right? You may want to change your last name to Lowry and save a step in the decorating...