Thursday, September 4, 2008

If I Was a Wealthy Man (uh... Woman)

Do you think it is wrong to want nice things?

A few weeks ago my mom, Kristy and I went to to Denver Parade of Homes. I brought Ryan to see it later that day. I bought another $10 ticket two days later so I could take pictures.

Because I really want this house.

And I feel a little guilty for wanting it because it is really nice. Several million dollars nice. 8,000 square feet nice. Excess, wasteful, covetous, inefficient, showoffy, "We are the Jones's" nice.

And I want it.

Here's why:

Upon entering, this is what you see.

The beautiful front room.

The vaulted ceilings and beams.

The fireplace.

The ceiling in the dining room.

The turret.

The white kitchen.

The cutest breakfast nook I ever did see.

The family room.

White couches.

Note the ceiling in the kitchen.

Note the flooring everywhere else.

Is that ceiling tiles on the bathroom wall. Brilliant.

The built-in in the den.

The den.

The master bedroom.

The master bath. Oh the shower.

The counter space.

The baths I could take here.

The fireplaces facing the tub.

Oh look, the master suite has an upstairs.

So this is a little much, but there is a glass floor that overlooks the wine cellar. In our case that floor would be showcasing our food storage. Classy.

The three square windows was a theme throughout the house. I love it.

Another beautiful room.

Gorgeous counters.

To the basement.

The Kitchenette.

The "Man room."

The glorious back yard.

The steaks that could be grilled here...

The arbor!!!

The water feature.

The fireplace.

Another view.

This was in a different house, but I thought it was the cutest little girl's room in the world.

The bath.

The wonderland.


Janssen said...

Oh my heavens. How about we go 50/50 on that house? It looks plenty big enough for both of us. And I'm sure 4 million apiece is more reasonable.

Chris and Tara Mason said...

I'm convinced - you need that house! It's not opulent at all! Everyone needs a glass floor to showcase their food storage! :)

The Powells said...

WOW. Don't you love the Parade of Homes? While I was staring and drooling over the pictures, Tyson came running up yelling "Castle! Castle!" while pointing at the computer screen. I assured him that indeed, it was a modern day castle. :)

Kristy said...

Yeah, that was soooooooooo fun. I don't think I saw that first house, did I? It's amazing. Let's all save up. It can totally hold three families. :)

breanna said...

Sign me up! Where was this house?

Blake and Meg said...

C'mon Blake.... build me one!!! Who cares that we could NEVER afford the mortgage! :)

auntie said...

That kitchen looks perfect - just like the ones you posted about awhile back! I say just move in when the parade is over and just see how long it takes them (whoever "them" is) to notice. Probably by the time they notice, you'll be all unpacked and really, what could they do then?? :)