Friday, September 5, 2008

Back in Business

The moving boxes are unpacked. Our clothing, though somewhat wrinkly and smelling of cardboard shavings, now hang in the closet. The dishes are coordinated by color and size and stacked neatly in the cupboard. The Comcast Fairy even sprinkled our condo with cable, phone and Internet dust.

All this happened after great anticipation. I was itching for a vacation from my vacation. I needed order, routine and a space to call mine. I needed to do chores for Pete's sake.

Yet, as I sat down and clicked on the Internet explorer icon for the first time in several weeks, the hand of obligation took hold of my lower esophagus and started to squeeze. Now I have no excuse: no excuse for not writing a chapter of my book, no excuse for not meeting my social obligations, no excuse for missing my daily scripture study, no excuse for why my pants are slightly tighter around my waist then they were last month.

Real life begins once again. And while I feel the heavy burden of responsibility, I know that the only way to relieve my stress is to go and do.

And so a new beginning.


Kristy said...

You can do it! Goooo Bethany!

Evan and Rebecca Jones said...

It's always nice to take a break from life. But even nicer to stop living out of a suitcase.

Ps - a flat screen in your bathroom??? Though I live in Denver, I'm pretty sure that house is not in my neighborhood.

Shauni said...

Yay you're back!! Finally more Bethany Blog to read again. I swear I've been checking it several times a day since the day you moved. I miss you a lot!!!

Steph said...

YEAH! Congrats on the I can see you when I come back for my visits!