Friday, May 30, 2008

Lost in Lost

As I was watching the season Finale of LOST last night an eerie familiar feeling crept over my body. I spent a moment trying to pinpoint it.

Ah Ha!

It was the same feeling I got at BYU's testing center during finals week.

I've never been a good test taker. I'm smart (a conclusion that has actually taken me years to discover) but I have difficultly retaining large amounts of information and spitting it out in multiple choice form. This is probably the reason I got placed in the "dumb kids" math class in sixth grade or why it took me several tries to get into BYU.

But I digress. I was totally stressed out while watching LOST because my brain was SUPERSATURATED with that blasted island and all its little quirks. There are so many characters, island beasts, tattoos, flashbacks, and flash forwards to remember and so little Bethany. Ahhhh..... my brain is leaking!

The thing that stressed me out the most was baby Aaron. Who is feeding that poor child??? Maybe Sun? Pregnant women can lactate if they really put their mind to it, can't they?

Nonetheless, I love that show! It's pure genius!

Even if I'm not.


birdbabies said...

So funny that you mention baby Aaron. My husband actually brought up the same point, he said ... "Aaron hasn't eaten in like 4 days, how is he getting any food?" Very good question indeed. But none-the-less, i love the show!! i just hope i can retain everything for when next season starts up...i tend to forget and get 'lost' (no pun intended) for a few minutes, trying to catch up on everything to bring me up to date. ohwell, it's worth it. gotta love lost!

Kristy said...

Yep, we love it too! And I have the same problem--I kind of want to go back and watch all the seasons on DVD. Marathon, anyone?

Nicole said...

I absolutely love that show!!! I've never really thought about Aaron not eating, good point. My husband's friend found this blog that goes way in depth about lost. It makes a lot more sense after reading it. I'll have to send the link to you, I bet you'd like it!

Stephanie said...

I can't get enough of that show and can't believe I have to wait until next year in FEB to pick back up...that is lame. It is the only show Ben and I both like and watch together. Ahhhhhhh love it! Yeah, poor Aaron...didn't really think of that!!!

Evan & Rebecca Jones said...

The hubby and I just barely started watching Season 1 - I know we're wayyy behing. And I didn't know you were from Colorado! Or maybe I did and just forgot. Now is definitely the time to visit - do you love the 9 month winters - really?

Jessie said...

I loved this post because I am totally into LOST as well, but it is stressful to watch. And what is funny is the things that I stress about are things like what about Aaron? He can't lose his mom? How did he survive that crash? Why does he never cry? What is he eating? He needs some clothes?

We must be mommies...