Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Lesson Prep

My head was bobbling, my eyes staring into space, a smidgen of drool trickled down my chin. I was tired… real tired. But I had procrastinated preparing my Relief Society lesson until Saturday afternoon and heaven knows I wouldn’t be able to work on it Sunday morning… the cubs wouldn’t stand for it.

I looked at Ryan (aka errand boy). He nodded understandingly and pulled his car keys from his pocket. Minutes later, he was back with an extra large Cherry Coke from Sonic. And I drank it. And…

Zip Zip Zip!

I was good to go.

So now you know. I was on stimulants at the time I prepared my lesson.

And I am pretty sure, that even though I was on drugs, I still prepared with the spirit... although it could have been a sugar rush... feels similar.

Coincidentally, earlier that day I had decided to go off soda altogether. I would prefer to eat my calories. After the Cherry Coke, however, I amended my goal to include one soda a week (or more as needed).

This girl loves her coke.


birdbabies said...

AMEN!!! I'm with ya on that one...gotta love Coke :)

Anonymous said...

This is so funny- remember how anal we all were about caffeine back in HS? Yeah, well then I became a mom and realized how much I needed it to just get through the day- man that's great stuff. Hi, My name is Shauni and I'm a diet coke with lime-aholic.

Stephanie said...

Drink it up girl! Nothing wrong with it and I am sure your lesson was better for you doing it! Hee hee! I am as well a diet coke with lime-aholic...pure bliss.

Heather & Trevor said...

I love SONIC! I am addicted to the diet coke with vanilla! Try it! I need the caffeine! :)