Thursday, October 25, 2007

Trunk or Treat

How on earth did I win the Best Costume prize?

I am opposed to adults in Halloween costumes. I am aware that this is not a popular view--or even the correct view--so I guess I'm a Halloween Grinch. Ba-hum-bug... er.. something.
Men should be manly and Halloween costumes (9 times out of 10) are emasculating. Acceptable costumes for grown men: a firefighter, soldier, police officer, cowboy… yeah, that’s about it. Anything else turns me off—especially anything that includes face paint, fake blood or ruffles of any sort.

One of me and Ryan’s first dates was on Halloween. He asked if I thought we should wear costumes. I asked him about his costume. The Incredible Hulk (any excuse to show off his muscles). My answer was no…definitely no costumes. I was fickle girl and a costume like that could end our relationship before it even started.

Adult women are slightly more acceptable in costumes, but just barely. Pregnant woman… no way! It is not cute for a woman with child to dress her belly like a jack-o-lantern. It is weird.

With these stringent, and maybe irrational feelings, I thought that I was being more than festive by wearing a black shirt to the ward Halloween party. Imagine my shock when I won first place in the adult costume category! Well, it was a four way tie—me and my three pregnant friends at the party. What did the judges think we were dressed as, virgins?

Kids in Halloween costumes, on the other hand, are the cutest things in the world! I may be biased, but my son was soooooooo stinking adorable! We dressed him up like a dork! He looked amazing! (note the toilet paper tail)

And Doug LOVED to trick-or-treat! And I loved to help him trick-or-treat! I felt excited and giddy—just as a little kid would—just by watching him go from trunk to trunk. Maybe I was just excited to indulge in the fruits of his labor.


PaulandNicolesJourney said...

I love your kids outfit!!!! He is seriously the cutest, and you too, I love the belly!

The Evans Family said...

I love nerds too!!!

Heather&Trevor said...

OMIGOSH! I love that he was a DORK! That is the cutest idea! He is way too cute too be a dork though! I am glad you posted again! yay! :)

Bart Bradshaw said...

I'm impressed Doug wore those glasses so well without taking them off (or maybe he did and I just don't know).

I agree with you. Costumes on adults are a little weird for some reason, especially if they go all out. Kids in costumes are just cute.

Jessie said...

I laughed so hard at Doug's costume. So funny! And I'm glad you are the cutest!

Steve, Jenn and Tyson said...

You guys are too cute! I can't wait to see you for Thanksgiving - I'm already here in Utah, just hanging out! Let me know when you get here!