Monday, October 29, 2007

Happy Birthday, Babe!!!

This is my blog. It is all about me, Bethany. That is why, even though it is my husband’s birthday, I absolutely refuse to write anything about him. It would just be wrong.

I will most definitely not write about the billion things I love about him. I won't mention his amazing work ethic (did you know that he is ARAMARK’S Director of the year!), his subtle—yet confident—demeanor, his movie-star good looks, his extremely generous muscles, his Moroni-like testimony. Nor will I tell you that he is the sole reason I shave my legs during the winter.

I won’t tell you that he will make a midnight run to Sonic, even after a long hard day at work, just because I feel like a chocolate malt. He pauses the movie each time I get up for a bathroom break or a sip of water. He pushes me to be the best me possible, even when I stubbornly push back. He is so kind to his wife that sometimes I want to shake him and tell him to knock it off. But, I won't write about any of that.

I won’t tell you that I am madly in love with him and can’t believe he let me trick him into marrying me. I wont tell you that sometimes, while he’s away, I find his tee-shirt from the previous day and snuggle with it (it smells so good). I won’t tell you that I never dreamed that a man could be such a great provider, a super sexy gladiator, and a nurturing father at the same time.

No, I will not write about any of those things. This is my blog and hardly the right place to brag about someone other than myself… even on his birthday.

Speaking of myself, I made him a birthday cake that I am kind of proud of. It is a Dr. Pepper Cake! The main ingredients are chocolate and DP—his favorite stuff!


Janssen said...

Great post! Happy birthday to (not) him!

Also, I just noticed that you have Bart and my blogs listed separately. And that is very nice - for some reason it really annoys me when people list my blog with both of our names on it. HELLO!!! ONLY I WRITE ON MY BLOG! Sorry. . .apparently, I feel like you do about MY blog.

adrienne said...

Happy Birthday to the only man I know who is worthy of my daughter.

Kristy said...

What a wonderful brother in law I have! Good choice, Beth.

Abbie said...

You are not a sweet wife for not writing this absolutely loving post about your husband.
True to the letter, that comment was all about you.

Heather&Trevor said...

So Cute. Trevor also LOVES Dr. Pepper! I want that recipe for the cake from you! :)He would die!!

The Evans Family said...

What can I say... this amazingness just runs in the family! And humility of course! Beth you are so amazing right back to Ryan and I love you for it!!!