Friday, January 7, 2011

Utah Pride

People told me not to do it. They said it was "Utah Hair."

Well guess what? I like Utah. And I like Utah hair.

So here it is, Kiana's haircut (and this time, not at the hands of her naughty big brother.)

A-lined and stacked in back. Just so you know, we condition her hair in green jello because that's what people from Utah do.

And here is Doug. He is five today. I love him.


...Laura... said...

I think it's darling! I love the green jello comment :)

The Brock Family said...

CUTE! Its so not Utah hair, my oldest has the same cut and we live in AZ! Plus, I've had that cut and unlike you, I dont love UTah, so I it CAN'T be dubbed Utah hair! haha

Andrea said...

Happy Birthday Doug! Love your hair Kiana.