Friday, July 16, 2010

Veggie Tales

Behold the salsa garden:

Ry and I spent a good chunk of the early summer digging, chiseling, building, planting and conquering.

And in just a couple of weeks we'll be harvesting. Then we'll have salsa. Lots of salsa! We planted sixteen tomato plants (plus two rogue plants, which we didn't plant, but celebrate nonetheless), six pepper varieties, four rows of corn, etc.

Stick it, Pace Picante Factory; I have a canner and I know how to use it!


karamcleskey said...

Hey it was so fun see you! Yes you should totally come over and see our house...I totally need help decorating.
You're garden looks awesome! (A lot better than ours) Your salsa is going to be yummy!
Hey, and it looks like the P90X is really working! (Ryan was already pretty buff)

Ryan said...

I love my canning woman!