Tuesday, May 18, 2010

How You Know You're a Grown-up...

I never thought I'd be the gardening sort, but here I am, the gardening sort... my Grandma Pat's girl through and through! I am obsessed with my flowers--tiptoeing outside in my socks first thing in the morning just to see which friend opened its petals for me today. I like my garden to feel wild. I love perennials; I think annuals are wimpy things and usually stick my nose up as I pass them at the nursery.
Ryan and I made a border around the garden out of small stone tiles. I can't believe what a huge difference such a simple and inexpensive task made.
My poppies have started to bloom. They are my favorite flowers--gigantic paper blooms, delicate, yet flamboyant. The fiery-orange blast will only last a week or so, so I'm making sure to enjoy it while it lasts...even though the poppies clash terribly with the rest of my garden.
The Japanese Maple is our newest addition. It adds a masculine touch to our front yard.
I wonder how this garden will look in a few months when the spring blooms are spent and the summer ones emerge! We'll see!


Audrey said...

I love your little flowers. We're half way through out vegetables--we have to start in February in these parts and I too am cheering on my tomatoes and peppers and such. My flowers are hanging on for dear life--their time is almost at an end.

Kara said...

I need your help! I am going to start my vegetable garden this week. I'm a total novice and I kill everything, but I'm going to try!

Jared said...

Way cool! You do such a great job making your home joyful. I love you, sis!