Saturday, November 22, 2008

Someone Was Up Way Past her Bed Time

Have you seen Twilight yet? I have. Probably before you. But I won't rub it in.

Lucky for me, Candis, even though I am on Team Jacob, let me crash her super-cool vampire party on Thursday night. We ate mushroom ravioli and coke (just like Bella on she and Edward's first date), watched Twilight trailers, made Twilight tee-shirts and then went to the midnight showing of the movie. It was all incredibly dorky and right up my alley.

Did I mention that I was there with one of my best best friends in the whole world, Katie. She and I even got to chill with Jacob and Edward before the show. Edward wanted to ditch Bella for me but I told him that I was happily married and to get his pervert fangs off of me.

So, don't hate me, but I only 75% liked the books. I had moments of extreme giddiness while reading, like when Edward saved Bella from the sliding car (mmmm), but all in all, I kept thinking that Edward was a little possessive--even to the point of abusive.

And don't get me started on the last book. The cover should have looked more like this:

StephMey never said the anatomically-correct words, but boy-howdy did you ever get a clear picture of what was going on with those little bodies of theirs. It was a romance novel. Fine for me, but I was a little embarrassed about the twelve year-old-girls reading it. And imprinting on babies.... hmmm... a little icky.

But we're not here to talk about the book. The movie.

Here's the things I liked:

-The make-out scene. One of the best I've ever seen. I loved it. So did the forty-year-old woman sitting next to me. She went into heat every time Edward came on screen. There was panting, the curling of toes, and even moans. I felt very uncomfortable being next to her.

-I love the Cullen's house. I wanted it for my own.

-Bella did an excellent job. She was EXACTLY how I saw her in my head. That has never happened to me before.

-Forks was beautiful.

-I finally agreed about the casting of Edward in the prom scene. It was ROMANTIC and lovely.

The things I hated and wanted dead:

-Was is just me or did the movie seem a little Lifetime Original made-for-TV movie? Low budget. It could have been incredible if more money would have gone into the special-effects.

-The music. Gag me.

-Cullens who? Little to no development of extremely crucial and interesting characters. Also, they were not all that beautiful. In real-life, yes, but in the movie they were pasty and weird and I didn't like them at all.

So I give the movie a C.

What do you give it? What did you love? Hate? Want dead?


Janssen said...

Charlie! He was fantastic.

So was Bella, which I loved, especially since I planned to loathe her.

I still just cannot buy Rob Pattinson as a heartthrob - the boy is just not that good looking!

Jasper looked constipated. Always.

The special effects were cheesy as can be.

Kristy said...

We saw it on Saturday night and while I really enjoyed it, there were about twenty-seven things they should have done better. Alas, I'm Twilighted out (after attending YW yesterday) and can't stand to spend anymore intellect on it. But good job, Stephenie Meyer. I'm glad she's rich.

birdbabies said...

uh oh--- I LOVED THE MOVIE --yes, some effects were a bit iffy, but i totally loved the movie. it was funny cause i sat with my sister and her friends (team jacob) on one side of me and my friends (team edward) on the other side of me. it was funny to hear the little comments made from each side. AND i have to say, i actually loved the music! well i guess we can just agree to disagree :) i loved it!

Chris and Tara Mason said...

So funny - I went on Thursday with Tristen and Vicki Hawkins. Unfortunately for us, Edward and Jacob did not show up to our premier (what was up with those dudes anyway?)!
I can't say that I liked the movie (although I wasn't expecting much). I thought everyone was too grouchy. I agree that it was low budget, and I felt that the directing was terrible! I did like Charlie and Alice. I didn't like some of the music. And, I have to admit, I didn't like the girl who played Bella. She seemed snotty instead of insecure. Anyhow, I could go on, but I have laundry to fold....

karen said...

i liked it, but of course, there were too many things missing from the movie.. did you heard ? they are making new moon (book # 2 ).. i HOPE they ask for a different director.. or have a higher budget.. and i know you will enjoy that movie more since you're on team jacob ;)

that female director made lords of dogtown (surfing/skateboarding movie) back in calif.. that movie was OK.. that mean all her movies are "ok".. most of her movies are low budgeted.. of course..

Audrey said...

I agree with Janssen--the Charlie character had the best lines of all the characters in the movie. I never thought that would happen.
The parts where they were running at hyper speed looked totally ridiculous and made me laugh like crazy. Also, did you see when they are burning the vampire pieces that one of the Cullen women is totally dancing a dorky dance during the whole process? Should've been serious instead it was laughable.
Unlike you, I didn't picture Bella having so many deadpan expressions. Smile girl--you're in love with the most beautiful thing you've ever seen.
I agree, the books are better.
As usual, you make me laugh like crazy!